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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the benefit of having a Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership?
By joining Direct Primary Care, you will have access to your provider through not only the office but also through the Satellite Med portal. As a member, they will be looking for your questions and looking to address your needs. Membership is limited to allow for this personal attention. Our intent is for you to have unrushed time with your provider as you both aspire to achieve your wellness. You will have prepaid services and minimal, if any, out of pocket expenses at the time of your visit.
2. I have insurance, why would I want this membership also?
A lot of insurances have a high deductible or a high co-insurance. This plan will help to control these costs, but your insurance plan should remain intact for a catastrophe. As a DPC member with insurance, you may choose to increase your out-of-pocket expenses to decrease your monthly premiums. If you have a health plan with minimal out-of-pocket then you are right, this plan may not be for you. Regardless, having a catastrophic insurance plan is necessary for those unforeseen events in life, but we believe our plan can offer coverage your insurance cannot.
3. Can I still file my insurance for services not covered by DPC Membership?
No, once a DPC Member, we are no longer able to file your insurance for services not covered. However, as a DPC Member, any additional testing or labs not covered will be offered at a discounted price.
4. Will this plan cover all my health needs?
No, everything will not be covered. Only what is within the scope of Satellite Med and limited by your plan choice. Satellite Med is a very comprehensive practice and is able to see, stabilize, and diagnose up to 70 percent of healthcare admissions. Satellite Med has a very extensive referral pattern to promote good outcomes. We will be working to add more services to our plan offerings in the future to help manage costs for our members.
5. What is not included in this plan but is available at Satellite Med?
  1. * Vaccines are not included in DPC Membership plans, but are sold at Satellite Med’s cost. If vaccines are included under the commercial plan for wellness, VaxCare will file the claim. If insurance doesn’t cover the vaccine, the patient will receive a bill from VaxCare.
  2. * Some lab tests not listed in the appendix are sold at Satellite Med’s cost to the member. Some lab tests ordered may not be on the Satellite Med list and are outsourced. In this case, the patient will receive a bill from that Company (AEL-American Esoteric Laboratories).
  3. * Some medications, not listed in the appendix are sold at Satellite Med’s cost to the member. Some medications may not be available at Satellite Med, thereby, will be charged by the pharmacy of your choice. (Refer to Appendices 3 and 4)
  4. * Durable Medical Equipment is not included.
  5. * Counseling Visits are discounted for Members but will require an additional charge.
  6. * In house surgeries by our surgeon at Satellite Med will not be included, but the charge will be discounted to members.
6. Can I use my Health Savings Account to pay the monthly payments?
Your monthly payments are actually payments of prorated health services. It is our opinion that in accordance with the current ruling on this in the Tennessee House of Representatives, that you may use these funds to pay for said services.
7. How will the front office know I am not to be charged for the visit?
You will be given a card to indicate your membership. If you do not have your card, you can give your name and birthday to the front office and your demographics will indicate your new DPC (Bronze, Silver or Gold) Plan. Being a new product, there may be a delay but if omissions arise, our billing department can connect with the front office and rectify any problems. If at any time a member is thought to get a charge for something that they thought was covered by their plan, our billing associate will gladly reach out to you and work hard to clarify any questions you may have.
8. How do the monthly payments work?
When you subscribe to a DPC Membership Plan, you are given the option of paying month-to-month or for the entire term (yearly). A credit card is needed to be kept on file for these recurring charges. If you choose to pay for the entire term upfront, you will receive a discounted monthly fee. Please view Appendix 2 for more information.
9. What if I need help after office hours?
All communication to the provider directly must go through the portal. Satellite Med also has an answering service and all urgent calls get forwarded to a provider day or night. If you have a breathing emergency or other emergent symptoms, you need to call 911. All calls will be addressed as needed or the following morning. It is recommended to save the answering service to emergency calls only and to use the regular office phone or text service to reach your provider during regular Office hours (7am to 4pm Monday thru Friday).
10. What does extended hours for Telemedicine mean?
Once a telemedicine request is submitted into the que from the website, a provider will answer it within the next 12 hours. As long as the request is non-emergent, stay in the comfort of your own home and expect a call. If symptoms become urgent, please go to the nearest emergency room. Please note that a telemed visit after hours may not be answered by your Primary Provider. The member’s Primary Provider will be notified of the visit.
11. What if I am sick and don’t have a scheduled appointment?
Satellite Med has a walk in urgent care service. As a member, you can walk in and see one of the urgent care providers. Every effort will be made to assign your visit to your provider, however, that person may not have availability or not be in the office. Rest assured that your provider will be notified of your visit and your provider will follow up with you.
12. What if I need services not covered by my plan?
Satellite Med has many diagnostic services in house, however, some tests required outside services. Satellite Med will work hard toward scheduling the appointment. Once the diagnosis is made, your primary Provider will coordinate your care and make referrals as needed to assure no needs slip through the cracks. Satellite Med will continue to network with specialists in an effort to improve outcomes and decrease out of pocket expenses.
13. Will I get my provider’s personal telephone number?
No, the provider needs time away from the office and with their family to keep a healthy work home balance. All communication directly to the provider can be accessed via the portal. The Satellite Med answering service will be responsive and hopefully meet your needs during our non-office hours.
14. Should I join Direct Primary Care if I am healthy?
Absolutely, your DPC provider will work with you to keep you healthy! Early detection is proven to be the best thing when diagnosed with a chronic condition. Your provider knows these early signs and symptoms and can identify them with regular visits. Direct Primary Care is about the relationship between provider and patient and new changes can be detected more easily within this provider patient relationship.
15. Why aren’t all meds and labs included on the Gold plan?
Some of the labs and medicines are cost prohibitive to be included on the plan. Others are excluded due to the unpredictability of usage or the need. Some are not included because of the limited use. Every effort has been made to include the most beneficial meds and labs to balance the plan so it remains a win-win for both the patient and the provider. This may be modified from time to time as needs arise. Please note the meds and labs not included on the plan are available at direct cost to Satellite Med. By definition, direct cost includes the cost from the vendor plus the cost for the supplies and the labor to perform the service.
16. What if I can’t afford a DPC Membership?
If the Direct Primary Care Membership Plans are too expensive for you, you can still use our cash price options which remain below the regional average. Satellite Med also still accepts commercial insurance for non-DPC subscribers.
17. Why are your costs higher than other costs per month I see online?
Satellite Med is a comprehensive clinic that offers more services in one place than most other clinics. Keeping these differences in mind, we have created a tiered approach to our services to include options that best fit your healthcare needs and your budget. We have also bypassed an initial signup fee, which is common amongst other Direct Primary Care services.